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Your Journey

We work together to create a life sourced from wholeness, guiding you to deepen your connection with self, soul and spirit to gain new awareness and develop a lifestyle that awakens inner-peace and empowerment to live a more satisfying and purpose-driven life. We move through past, negative beliefs, traumas, patterns and other barriers to true expression while developing healthy expression. Through Guided Reflection, we will explore how connecting with your innate wisdom can inform this one precious lifetime. 

Membership Benefits

Included in all membership plans


Discover self-guided healing in a box. Healthy habits to empower intention and high vibrations as you rise & set with your day. Cultivate a lifestyle of self-care personal peace.


Choose between in-person sessions (for Gainesville, FL residents) or online sessions (open to all Florida residents). Your comfort matters.


Discover the power of integrative coaching, transformative retreats, and therapeutic support groups. These resources are designed to empower you on your healing journey.


Stay in touch with text support and receive wellness tips to enhance your well-being between sessions. We're here to guide you.


Enjoy early access to wellness materials and exclusive discounts on complementary products. It's all about enriching your healing process.

Align with purpose

The Guided Reflection to Awaken Inner Peace by Dr Amanda Ashley PhD LMHC QS psychotechnologist and rebel to societal restriction empowing humanity!

Guided Reflection

The Guided Reflection to Awaken Inner Peace is truly an inclusive and affirming workbook for healing from within.

Lit Session Box to align with a more holistic lifestyle. Monthly subscription for mental health and spiritual well-being.

Lit Session Box

The Lit Session Box is curated to assist you in rising and setting each day with intention and gratitude.

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