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Our Tribe

Lit Session Holistic Integrative Wellness, Inc is truly altruistic, neurodivergent affirmative, LBGTQ+ affirmative, inclusive and culturally experienced. Founded and created by Dr. Amanda Ashley, a high vibrational holistic healer and licensed mental health professional in the state of Florida. She has taken her personal and professional life experiences and expertise in psychology, technology, spirituality and psychedelic integration to develop a program with over a decade of demonstrated success. To awaken better health she has cultivated a unique and natural full-spectrum hemp line called NLIGHTN HEMP!

Our Partners


Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies:

Pioneering research and advocacy in the field of psychedelic science.


Journey Clinical

Leaders in accessible and innovative mental health care solutions with ketamine.


XR HealtH

Revolutionizing mental health treatment through cutting-edge virtual reality experiences.

nlightn hemp

Dedicated to natural wellness through high-quality full-spectrum hemp products.

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The Releaf Clinic

Experts in cannabis as medicine, contributing to holistic well-being.

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