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Holistic Integrative Approach

Holistic integrative interventions such as, holistic psychotherapy adopt a body-centered, integrative approach that incorporates both traditional and non-traditional treatments to help the individual as a whole. Lit Session focuses on the mental, physical, and spiritual factors that influence a person's well-being helping people heal and thrive on a deeper level. This process takes you on a journey to reflect within, release what no longer serves your highest self, to regain balance with your present moments, and connect with renewed perspectives.

Each Lit Session combines aspects of traditional talk therapy and non-traditional approaches, including mindfulness, sound healing, automatic writing, breath therapy, and guided meditation. Additionally, Lit Session specializes in Cannabis assisted therapies for both mental and physical ailments. 

Immersive and engaging, Virtual Reality Therapy VRT is a simulated experience that makes people see and feel unreal therapeutic situations similar to real ones using virtual reality headsets.

* All service offerings subject to a $55 monthly membership fee.

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