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REFLECT within RELEASE outward RESTORE to center RENEW your mind.

  • Best Value

    Lit Session Box

    Every month
    Healthy routines to empower intention and positivity as you rise & set with your day.
    • Supplemental Toolbox for your Healing Journey
    • 5-7 items to help you bring more intention to your lifestyle
    • Feat. brands include: NLIGHTN Hemp and Daily Burn Candles
    • Love, gratitude, light and peace
  • Practice Membership

    Every month
    We limit our caseload to provide quality and personalized care to each individual.
    • Virtual Reality Therapy for relaxation, immersion and focus
    • In-person or virtual session availablility for flexibility
    • Text support, wellness tips, and early access to products
    • VR Headset and Holistic Lifestyle Recommendations

Cancel anytime. Thank you for your support!