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  • Do you accept insurance?
    Yes, I'm in-network with Cigna, Oscar, United Healthcare, Aetna, and Oxford insurance carriers. Session rates vary based on your plan and benefit. Check insurance eligibility and rate info at Some services and fees are not covered by insurance.
  • What are your office hours?
    Monday 10am-2pm (In-person Gainesville, FL) Tuesday 10am-6pm Wednesday: closed Thursday 9am-6pm Friday: 3pm-5pm (KAP in-person) Saturday: 9-11am (Every 2nd/4th) Sunday: closed
  • What benefits do I get as a member of the Lit Session community?
    As a valued member, you'll enjoy: Immersive Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) for relaxation and mindfulness Flexible options: in-person or online sessions Plant medicine integration coaching Innovative psychedelic therapies Inclusive support groups. Ongoing text support access to wellness app between sessions. Early access and exclusive discounts on NLIGHTN Hemp products
  • How much does membership cost?
    Membership is only $55/month. For more details or questions, contact us via email, text, or visit
  • How long are the sessions?
    Each session is 45-50 minutes. It's recommended to start with weekly or bi-weekly sessions, based on your availability and budget.
  • How do I sign up for a session?
    Simple, follow this link:
  • Can I have a phone consultation?
    Certainly! Visit for a 10 minute phone consultation. For quick questions please feel free to reach out to our text response line at 352-559-5001.
  • Where do I login for a telehealth appointment?
    Access your telehealth appointment using this link:
  • Where do I download the Virtual Reality app?
    Download the Amelia Virtual Care app on your mobile device.
  • What is Ketamine?
    Ketamine is a legal, safe and effective medicine used to treat a variety of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety and PTSD. Ketamine has rapidly-acting antidepressant and mood-enhancing effects, which can begin to take effect within 1-2 hrs. after treatment and last for up to 2 weeks. It works by blocking the brain’s NMDA receptors as well as by stimulating AMPA receptors, which are thought to help form new synaptic connections and boost neural circuits that regulate stress and mood. Ketamine has also been shown to enhance overall neuroplasticity for lasting symptom improvement. Ketamine can be administered in a variety of ways, including IV infusion, intramuscular injection, via nasal spray and using sublingual lozenges. In my work with Journey Clinical we only use the sublingual lozenge form.
  • How Does Ketamine Feel?
    The effects of ketamine, which most patients find pleasant, last for approximately 45 minutes. These effects can make you feel “far from” your body, and facilitate shifts in perception that can often feel expansive in nature. Your motor and verbal abilities will be reduced, so you’ll be lying down in a comfortable position during the experience. Once these effects subsided, we’ll spend the remainder of our appointment giving you space to process and discuss your experience. While it may feel hard to articulate what happened during the experience, patients feel like the insights gained are none-the-less clear. Studies have shown that the benefits to mood and neurological growth can last up to two weeks after the Ketamine experience.
  • How Does Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Work?
    1. Initial consultation with Journey Clinical You schedule an initial evaluation with a clinician from the Journey Clinical medical team via zoom. They will go over your medical and psychiatric history with you, provide education on the treatment and determine if you are eligible for KAP. If Journey Clinical’s medical team determines that you are eligible for KAP, they will develop a personalized Ketamine prescription and outcome monitoring plan for you. Journey Clinical’s medical staff will write a ketamine prescription for you, and a small amount of oral ketamine will be sent to your home, enough for the first 2 KAP sessions. You will be taught to take your vitals and self-administer the ketamine lozenges by Journey Clinical’s medical team in advance of our KAP sessions. 2. Preparationsessions: Once you receive your ketamine lozenges, we will schedule time together for our KAP preparation, dosing and integration sessions. Preparation session(s) will be scheduled just like regular therapy sessions prior to the KAP dosing session. The goal of a preparation session(s) is to align on the process and set intentions for our KAP sessions together. 3. KAPDosingSession: A typical ketamine dosing session lasts between 1-2 hours and can take place either in-person at my office, or remotely via telehealth. During a dosing session, you will self-administer your ketamine lozenge either in my office or in your home. You will be in a comfortable, reclining position wearing an eye mask and listening to calming music. Although a KAP dosing session may be largely an internal experience, I will be present with you the entire time to hold space and provide support as needed. 4. IntegrationSessions: After our KAP dosing session, we will meet for multiple integration therapy sessions to review the memories, thoughts & insights that arose during your dosing session, and to prepare for the next dosing session. 5. Follow-upconsultationswithJourneyClinical: After our first KAP session, Journey Clinical’s medical team schedules regular follow ups with you to monitor outcomes and prescribe ketamine lozenge refills, as appropriate. The frequency of follow ups depends on your unique treatment plan, at a minimum of once per quarter. Follow-up Consultations with Journey Clinical : After our first KAP session, Journey Clinical’s medical team schedules regular follow ups with you to monitor outcomes and prescribe ketamine lozenge refills, as appropriate. The frequency of follow ups depends on your unique treatment plan, at a minimum of once per quarter.
  • What is the Cost of Treatment?
    Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy is an affordable, accessible modality. Although the medical intake and follow ups are not covered by insurance, they are eligible for out-of-network reimbursement. Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy My typical hourly rate is $200/hr KAP session $400 (2 hrs) Journey Clinical Medical Costs First-time patients: Initial medical consultation with Journey Clinical: $250 Cost of medication: $85 (enough for 2 sessions) Ongoing treatment: Follow-up medical consultation with Journey Clinical $150 (at least 1X per quarter) Cost of medication: $145 (enough for up to 6 sessions)
  • How Do I Sign Up?
    If you would like to explore the possibility of working with me on KAP, please e-mail me at to discuss eligibility and next steps.
  • What is Journey Clinical?
    Journey Clinical is a platform for licensed psychotherapists to incorporate science-based psychedelic therapies in their practice safely and effectively, starting with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Journey Clinical’s in-house medical team takes on patient eligibility, prescriptions and outcome monitoring, while I take on the therapy. Their collaborative care model is designed to deliver personalized treatment plans to meet your individual needs and improve long-term outcomes.
  • What is Cannabis Assisted Psychotherapy CAP?
    The use of cannabis in therapy may involve psycholytic or psychedelic approaches, where the altered state of consciousness induced by cannabis is explored for therapeutic purposes. This may include self-reflection, exploration of emotions, and enhanced creativity. This approach supports anxiety reduction, stress relief, and exploration of creativity. The therapeutic effects are often influenced by the specific strain and composition of cannabinoids.
  • Do I need a medical card?
    Yes, in the state of Florida, a medical card is required to access cannabis psychotherapy legally.
  • What is the cost of a CAP session?
    Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy is an affordable, accessible modality. Although the medical card and renewal fees are not covered by insurance, these fees allow you to legally purchase your medication at any Florida dispensary. Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy My typical hourly rate is $200/hr Medial Card Costs First-time patients: Initial medical consultation with The Releaf Clinic: $150 Ongoing treatment: Renewals $90 (every 7 months) State fee $77 Cost of medication: varies, please review your local dispensary websites.


Dr. Amanda Ashley, a renowned psychotechnologist and holistic mental health expert, challenges popular beliefs by shedding light on the true nature of Cannabis sativa as a classic psychedelic. Contrary to past misconceptions, cannabis now emerges as a reliable psychedelic medicine, thanks to recent advancements in its cultivation, quality, potency, and unique characteristics. The War on Drugs has long distorted our understanding of cannabis, even within the psychedelic therapy community, leading to limitations in our perception of its potential. However, with the progressive legalization of cannabis, a transformative awakening is occurring. People are beginning to recognize the incredible power and untapped possibilities this plant holds. Dr. Amanda Ashley, with her expertise and deep understanding of psychotechnological approaches and holistic mental health, paves the way for a new perspective. By embracing the multifaceted potential of cannabis, she helps individuals explore its profound healing properties and its capacity to facilitate transformative experiences. Dr. Ashley's work expands the horizons of psychedelic therapy, offering innovative avenues for personal growth and self-discovery. Through her guidance, you can navigate the evolving landscape of cannabis-assisted healing, harnessing its therapeutic benefits for mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Dr. Amanda Ashley invites you to embark on a journey of exploration, where cannabis becomes a gateway to profound insights, expanded consciousness, and holistic transformation. Together, let us dispel outdated perceptions and unlock the vast potential of cannabis as a powerful tool for healing, growth, and self-realization.


Cannabis (sativa) is a powerful catalyst for the therapeutic process, perhaps more so than any other medicine, helping individuals work through dissociation alleviating isolation and a disconnection from self and/ or others. Florida requires Cannabis Patients to register with the MMUR. We are Cannabis Patient Inclusive and support recommendations for Medicinal Cannabis. Learn more about Cannabis as medicine and intuitive medication management.


Integrative Coaching is a transformative approach that encompasses many aspects of your well-being to foster holistic growth and empowerment. It goes beyond traditional coaching methods by addressing not only what is external and challenges but also the inner landscape of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Integrative coaching acknowledges the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, recognizing that true well-being arises from a balanced integration of these aspects. By blending principles from psychology, spirituality, and alternative healing modalities, we provide a comprehensive toolkit that supports you in achieving mental clarity, emotional resilience, and spiritual alignment. Integrative coaching empowers individuals to cultivate self-awareness, discover their innate strengths, overcome obstacles, and create meaningful and fulfilling lives rooted in holistic well-being. Your integration coach will form a partnership with you to empower and encourage your personal journey to achieve your intentions with plant medicine and holistic alternative practices.

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