Are you seeking truth, purpose or relief?

Holistic intuitive healing addresses physical, mental and spiritual ailments to alleviate issues related to mental illness and the pressures of everyday life.

Virtual, online healing solutions that meet you where you are for support that makes a difference. Organize your beliefs, and explore your authenticity to achieve peace and enlightenment.


When we see into ourselves we can better understand what's best for us. What path empowers us to live authentic to our truth in every space we enter. When we truly see ourselves from an accepting, appreciative and compassionate place we are then able to see others from that same lens. 

Always let the light you choose be the one within. 


Take permission to pause, begin your days with intention and embody each present moment. Calm your thoughts, rests your worries and embrace your inner peace. My Lit Rituals are curated to simplify mindless mindfulness in a world where automation gives us peace of mind. Each month my Lit Ritual box will include 5-7 lifestyle items to compliment your healing journey to awaken to self!

Give back to our community and create sustainable wellness when you order My Lit Ritual Boxes. Each box is curated by locally owned, minority owned small businesses in Gainesville, Florida.

Candle Packaging


REFLECT within RELEASE outward RESTORE to center RENEW your mind.

Let your journey begin

Natural Holistic Intuitive Wellness

Support that makes a difference

Lit Session, LLC does not prescribe, produce, cultivate manufacture, sell or ship any products or items containing or appearing to contain Cannabis as this is a federally controlled substance (as of 2021). For information on state laws please visit your local legislative website.