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Lit Sessions are guided by Amanda Ashley, LMHC

of Amanda Ashley Life, LLC dba Lit Session.
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Holistic integrative therapy, or holistic psychotherapy is a body-centered, integrative type of therapy that incorporates both traditional and non-traditional treatments to help the individual as a whole. Lit Sessions focus on the mental, physical, and spiritual factors that influence a person's well-being and seeks to help people heal and thrive on a deeper level.

My Lit Sessions combine aspects of traditional talk therapy and non-traditional approaches, including mindfulness, sound, automatic writing, breath therapy, and meditation. Additionally, Lit Session specializes in herbalism and Cannabis inclusive therapy. 

Lit Session 55 min. $177

This session is typically for new clients who need a full diagnostic evaluation or those who are working through deeper understanding and need a little extra time. 

Lit Session Packages - 20% off  when you purchase 6+ sessions.

Offer only valid for 45-60 min sessions. 


Lit Session 45 min. $155

This is a standard session length and is for recommended follow up sessions. Treatment durations varies per individual. 

Lit Session Packages - 20% off  when you purchase 6+ sessions.

Offer only valid for 45-60 min sessions. 


Lit Session 30 min. $88

This is a brief follow up session, recommended for individuals who have worked through deeper understanding and are seeking less frequent follow-up.


Adult Autism Evaluations $550

My evaluation process requires 3 appointments which are typically scheduled and completed within 4-6 weeks. 

  • 1st appointment: virtual intake

  • 2nd appointment: in-person assessment

  • 3rd appointment: virtual feedback 


Spectrum Life Therapy Group for Adults $420

7 week Group therapy for Adults diagnosed functioning on the Autism Spectrum. Group focus: Advocating for your abilities and limitations, accommodations and optimization as well as navigating interpersonal relationships and managing associated stressors:

  • social anxiety and interpersonal relationships

  • sensory overload and overthinking

  • difficulty focusing or tolerating change