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It's essential that we know what we believe about life, who we are and how we fit into the world we know. As you could imagine, this will in fact change over time as we grow and evolve into who we are.


Spirituality is simply the set of core beliefs that we hold about life, our purpose, values and how we should treat ourselves and other people.


These beliefs are naturally based on our personal experiences and knowledge of the world. We believe the most important guide is yourself, with intuitive wellness we will learn how to take ownership of our mental health and live a more elevated lifestyle. 

Mental Health is being accountable to a healthy lifestyle, with the ability to function within it. Most of us usually know something is wrong when it’s wrong, but may not have the insight as to what’s wrong or how to make it right. We can heal from life, we don't have to deal with it, and we can do it naturally.

At Lit Session, our goal is to educate, elevate and empower the collective community on the wonders of cannabis friendly holistic wellness. We are not only dedicated to educating our members about the healing properties of cannabis herbalism, we also educate professionals on how to accommodate those who choose Cannabis to treat or stabilize their ailments.

We strive to simplify the essentials of a natural and intentional approach to healing with our

Lit Ritual subscriptions.


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Lit Session, LLC does not produce, cultivate manufacture, sell or ship any products or items containing or appearing to contain Cannabis as this is a federally controlled substance (as of 2021). For information on state laws please visit your local legislative website.